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How To Do Anal

What you need

  • Enema (use circa 237 ml bottles, no more than that!).
  • Lubricant: Edible coconut oil (best lube ever). 
  • Oil resistant condoms (or latex condoms only if you use water-based lubricants, but in my opinion they are not really comfortable.)
  • Syringe without needle (1ml).
  • Anal toys (smooth shape and glass, metal or pure silicone).
  • Last but not least, your ass!

How to perform an enema for anal sex        

Fill up the enema with drinking water at room temperature, put some coconut oil or lube onto the enema’s nozzle and make sure there is no air inside the enema (unless you like to fart!). Gently insert the nozzle into your anus, squeeze the enema and insert as much water as you can take, then push it out. Repeat until the water comes out clean. Never insert more than circa 237ml at one single time. This is the right quantity to clean the rectum (which is what you want) without reaching the colon. If water reaches your colon, you may not be able to push it out spontaneously and dirty water will come out during anal sex intercourse.
Having an enema before anal sex is important not only for hygiene (otherwise it can be REALLY dangerous for both partners) but also for sexual pleasure because if the rectum isn't empty anal sex might be uncomfortable. I recommend having anal sex in the morning before breakfast (you can have a small snack because you need at least 8 hours to digest anything).



How do pornstars manage to stay clean during anal scenes? Three days before shooting, some of them start taking psyllium whole husks three times a day. Others just do an enema and take Imodium (not a healthy decision). Others still just shit all over the place.  Personally, I drastically reduce or eliminate fiber intake the day before the scene, so as to be slightly constipated and my poop will look like type 3. This is a type of poop that you never want to push out spontaneously but always with an enema. Pushing hard can cause a rectal prolapse. If you are often constipated, you should change your diet. Your ass’s biggest enemies are toilet paper and constipation. 

How to open heaven's door    

Fill up a syringe without the needle with coconut oil, insert the syringe gently into your anus, then push the plunger. You should withhold the oil until sexual penetration. If you’ve had surgery in your ass and have scars, you may need to lubricate your butt starting 2 hours in advance: you should talk with your proctologist about it. Lubricate your anus and your anal toy or partner’s penis with some oil (don’t use your fingers if you’re not skilled). Relax, take your time, breathe, push like when you’re pooping and in the meanwhile slowly insert your toy/partner’s penis. If you’re a beginner, get an anal kit trainer. Doing anal sex isn't easy but the more you do it, the better it gets. Don't give up too easily, you might lose the best orgasms of your life! Listen to your body, at first it might really be uncomfortable but never should it be painful.     


How big can I take?

Everybody's ass is different. For instance, I have a lot of fun doing anal with fat mushy cocks and I hate long thin hard penises. My ass is really tight: some partners/performers easily lose their erection in my ass but once it’s wide open, I have crazy orgasms.      

 The average length of the human rectum may range from 10 to 15 cm, so you don't want to put more than that inside and have something fucking your colon. You may end up shitting in your pants for the rest of your life! Don't worry, if you’re going too deep you’ll feel it.



Before trying anal sex make sure you don't have hemorrhoids, warts, fissures, etc. Doing anal sex is the best way to contract STDs, especially anal warts. If you have anal sex (with or without condoms) you should see a proctologist at least once a year. 

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